Alexa Olivares

Beauty in the Little Things  

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Alexa Olivares

Artist Statement

            The Images I create have to do with things I see every day, just with a little touch of whimsical imagination. I see trees, various types of plants, animals, the way our world treats these living organisms with ignorance of their true benefits, and how they are not aware of the damage they are causing to our world. My goal is for people to see the beauty in these living things and show them how misunderstood most creatures are that live just outside our door, and that the various plants we keep around us aren’t just for looks, they provide so much to us that we often overlook. We have come to ignore these things because it has become the norm and because we might think they only have one purpose in this world that is trivial to their actual purpose. Therefore, I chose to do my work based on rats specifically and types of plants we see every day. People think of these animals as vermin and pests, and do not see a real need to treat them as anything but. I want to show people that there is nothing to be afraid of,  that we are more than capable of coexisting with these creatures, that they too seek the same food sources and the same kind of shelter we do. We are all in actuality one and the same. We need to treat these living beings equally as we would each other, especially the plant life. We have often taken everything around us for granted, forgetting all the medicinal, and life-giving properties plants provide for us. The little things that move around us are a big part of what makes us, us. This is why I chose to title this body of work: Beauty in the Little Things, because that is what I will be striving to present.

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