Carla Ortiz


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Carla Ortiz

Artist Statement
Art is the language we use to express ourselves without the use of words. Aspects of ourselves, like what we are, feel, and even think can be communicated through art and resonate with others in ways that might otherwise not even be possible; at the same time, art allows us to explore aspects of ourselves that are not very evident, and that might remain hidden otherwise, both to ourselves and to those around us.
Visual art is a universal language, that at the same time might transmit a different message to every person depending on their own ideas, feelings, perception, and identity.
Personally, I use art not only to express aspects of myself, but also to remind myself of things I otherwise seem to forget. Having dealt and struggled with my mental health for most of my life, I discovered art to be both an outlet and a helpful asset when coping with feelings and situations that would otherwise overwhelm me. I use art to express emotions, both negative and positive, and to remind myself that it is okay to embrace any negative feeling that anyone as a human being might experience, and that acknowledging and facing these feelings is the only way in which one would ever be able to overcome them, and eventually get past them in order to keep moving forward.

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