Cristina Garza

Familia Femenina

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Cristina Garza

Artist Statement

Female figures have always surrounded me, so I have decided to paint those female relationships I have grown throughout my entire life. I decided to paint my relationships with women like my mother, my grandma, my sister, and friends who mostly consist of women. My personal goal was to paint those relationships and how I perceived them in my life and how maybe other women like me had also experienced them in their own lives.

To depict friendship, I created 2am Conversations, that represents two girls supporting each other by braiding each other’s hair.  We support one another and try to be there for each other emotionally. I want to focus on the positive aspects of friendships for emotional support. Growing up for the World is about the sisterly relationship I have with my sister. It is a complicated relationship, even though we have the same mother and father. We have so much in common, yet we are so different. Still, I thought that was such an exciting aspect of my relationship with my sister; we are so alike. Yet, we are so different. I respect that about human nature, it is a small example of how we perceive life is different from others, or how we choose to accept it. The portrait of my mother, She had to be Strong, was such a weird experience because she is technically the adult figure of my life.  I wanted to portray that every strong woman is still a human. We tend to view our adult figures as people who know better, but they still can make mistakes. We tend to learn this as we grow older.

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