Danielle Silva

Sugar Coated

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Danielle Silva

Artist Atatement

The sweet and buttery aroma of freshly baked cookies out of the oven and glistening bright-red strawberries adorning the top of a cake, these are a couple of ways to describe desserts. My exhibition, “Sugar Coated,” explores the beauty of these delicious confections. Through my work, I strive to replicate the unique details shown in various desserts. From the glossy jam on cookies to the sponge-like texture on cake, I used different techniques I have learned over the years to achieve this. As I have experience with cake decorating, I used some of the same decorating processes to create the sculptures in this exhibit. For example, parts of a couple of my pieces were created with slip, which is liquefied clay in water, by piping out details with a pastry decorating bag. The technique of “piping” is a common practice in the handcrafting of baked pastries. My experience in baking has afforded me the opportunity to apply these skills to my art.

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