David Medrano

Different Golden Nature

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David Medrano

Artist Statement

Different golden materials are used to create different styles of art with nature themes. Nature is used with the color Gold because Gold represents the beauty and uniqueness of nature. The use of the color Gold combined with other colors creates a range of new colors that are innovative and create interest. Gold is a metal that is valuable to society, as valuable as money or more. Gold is beautiful because it can shine and look different from different angles. When looked from different angles, a viewer can look at and think differently about an image. Then, nature and gold combined to look different ways, can make the viewer question what is possible in art, nature, and color. Nature has always been a represented in my art through different styles and mediums. So Different Golden Nature is about representing the best Gold nature designs possible. The drawings and paintings were interesting and therapeutic because each moment was a learning moment, from learning from myself to learning from peers. Art is meant to be like gold. Golden nature art is the best of my career to date.

David Medrano is studying to be an art teacher and would like to teach high school, then later, go to graduate school and become an art education and studio art professor. Art education, art classes, education classes, and college have taught me the importance of art and nature. Nature is beautiful and humans can’t live without it. Nature gives us air, water, animals, food, and anything we can think. Nature is connected with humanity and everything on Earth. Nature art comes from imagination, repetitive patterns, and constantly thinking of images of nature. Nature is always evolving and creating new nature. Maybe, one day in the future, nature can be Gold. Nature is everything in my art.

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