Gabriela Jacinto


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Gabriela Jacinto

My work is centered around my kids. The title of the work represents what the pieces are about which is them. My journey to motherhood has been something that has defined me as a person and made me who I am today. The pieces represent my children in ways that I see them and how they make me feel. I made this body of work as a love letter to them, who are my inspiration and my motor that has kept me going. I try to represent my children and motherhood through pieces that I feel represent me and my style. My art tends to be eclectic and ever-changing, which is why I chose different types of media such as sculpture, painting, and photographs to showcase what I feel represents me as an artist. In the last two years, I have center my art around 3D pieces and have found a love for sculpture. I choose to also include photography because it is a form of art that got me interested in art as a whole, and I also included paintings because it is the form of art that got my journey in art started. The use of the human figure is present throughout my pieces, this is a feature that started unintentionally and ended up being what I do the most. I have come to love different forms of art and also been able to be inspired by them. Art has been my outlet for expression for as long as I remember. I choose the route of art education because I hope someday I can also be that vessel that helps young people have an outlet for expression and come to appreciate art as I have.

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