Manuela Ramirez

Who I Am

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Manuela Ramirez

Artist Statement

Art is a way of thinking about who I am and what I want others to see. I like to make sure people know where I come from and to know about my culture. I enjoy showing color in my drawings and paintings. I make my art very personal by not painting just anyone, but the people that were important to me as a kid.  I get creative once I start a painting or drawing by using mix media like: acrylics, glitter, colored paint markers, etc. I like my painting or drawing to help whoever views my art, to be transported to Mexico. Using characteristic symbols from the heritage and culture of Mexico in each portrait, gives them a unique and fresh style. In this way I show the love and honor I feel being Mexican and also give fun to those that see my art. Once you see my paintings and drawings you will not only see colorful backgrounds with a flat portrait,  but you will also see hidden symbols within, that make more sense, knowing what they are and represent to me.

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