Jocelyn Torres

Contemplations on Motherhood

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Joycelyn Torres

Artist Statement

Contemplations on Motherhood
This body of work delves into personal experience with motherhood in a chronological sense, from the time during my pregnancy, shortly before my son’s birth, to the present – the span of about three years – time enough for my identity as a mother to develop. Here, different themes come into question – the life cycle, growth and regeneration, and familial bonds. In part, this work investigates motherhood and the relationship between the nurturing role of the mother and mother nature, drawing parallels between the two. Moreover, this is an investigation on how my natural surroundings have shaped my unique identity as a woman, artist, and mother. I seek to reveal aspects of myself that depict woman as a polarity of strength and fragility in the context of motherhood. The connection to my natural surroundings plays a vital role in this work, allowing me to go inward and find balance amidst the chaos of life. Elements of the natural world, particularly those found in my home of the lower Rio Grande Valley, stand as symbols for the inner strength I seek in life, as I continually search for the balance between conflicting aspects of myself.

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