Mikayla Garrido

Emotion of Color

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Mikayla Garrido
Emotion of Color
This body of work was created as a tribute to emotion conveyed through color. As we go through life we are always being influenced by color. When we see the color blue, we could feel sad or lonely; in other cases we could feel peaceful and at ease. Color theory was used to create each palette and the significance of each color. In this show I convey my emotions while trying to blur the lines between minimalistic art and abstract expressionism. Pop art is also referenced in this body of work. Each of these pieces speak to a different emotion and might trigger each person differently. Although the intent is to speak to one emotion, everyone sees objects differently and can convey the paintings to their own feelings. I will be using color and imagery to influence the emotion of the viewer. Please express your feelings while viewing these pieces . My explanation of each piece is in the thesis for this show. Feel free to view my emotions behind each piece and enjoy the show.

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