Daphne Jean T. Escarieses 

Subsisting Disposition  

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Daphne Jean T. Escarieses

Artist Statement:
Subsisting Disposition
Inspired by the complexity of human traits seen all around me, my work is an examination of the self destructive behaviors of humanity and their self-inflicting habits of everyday life. These habits are perceived as common and typical activities that are accepted as the norm, such as sleep deprivation, overworking, gambling, and overeating. If done excessively, they can contribute to the deterioration of a person’s mental well-being. However, in some cases, these habits are developed as coping mechanisms because of their ongoing suffering from mental illness. These behaviors are depicted by using clay to form the human figures that are being influenced and weighed down by a snake, which symbolizes the side of human personality inclined to continue unhealthy habits.

One thought on “Daphne Jean T. Escarieses 

  1. Wow, Daphne! I loved your senior show! It was really deep! My favorite piece is the sleep-deprivation one. I twist have been so difficult to get the eyelids to not break. Take care! Dr. Kathy Bussert-Webb


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